Would you like to be part of a group of like-minded Pre Service Teachers who complete their placement in a rural community?


Benefits among many others:

  • Participation in a rich rural experience that may lead to employment
  • Being part of learning with a group in a rural setting
  • Having your accommodation paid for whilst on placement
  • Enjoy community interactions and welcome events
  • Placement allowance for students studying at a Victorian University – find out more


CEP will:

  • Fully subsidise placement accommodation
  • Attempt to secure accommodation that supports a collaborative experience.
  • Provide a well-being mentor for the period of the placement.
  • Provide welcome events and subsidise other meal experiences throughout the placement
  • Provide an online platform that supports collaboration/ mentoring and further supports
  • Liaise with the school to provide a range of other activities
  • Liaise with the school to tailor the placement to the interest areas of the PST
  • Provide additional time release for the school-designated mentor 

If this appeals to you, please complete the application form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid placement?

This placement is not a paid placement however, if you study at a Victorian Univeristy you are eligible for the Pre-service teacher Placement Grant program allowance offered by the Victorian government. Find out more and how to apply here.


While the placement itself is not paid by CEP we offer a range of financial assistance throughout the placement by fully subsidising placement accommodation and providing welcome events and subsidising other meal experiences throughout the placement.

What is the process of booking accommodation for my placement?

CEP accommodates all Teach Rural PSTs, we provide fully subsidised accommodation during your placement. We try to place you with at least two other PSTs to support a collaborative experience and also book accommodation one day before and one day after your placement duration to allow time to settle and unpack/pack.

How does the process work of getting allocated to a school? Can I choose what school I wish to be placed in?

CEP liaise with its network of schools to find you a suitable school to complete your placement. We take into account your required class levels to complete your placement. If you have requests outside of the allocated year level please let us know and we will try to accommodate these for you.

How will I be offered support and social connection during this program?

Throughout your placement, you will be paired with other like-minded PSTs, both at your accommodation and for social events. CEP offers a well-being mentor for the period of the placement. CEP provides welcome events and peer networking/community events to help PSTs connect and engage with the community they are placed in.