Advocacy and Representation

As the peak organisation representing rural and remote education, the Country Education Partnership is committed to advocating for the needs of rural and remote learning communities.

The CEP strives to ensure all issues affecting country education are put before and heard by governments and relevant education sector authorities. We equally promote the positive learning initiatives that are occurring each and every day within our country education communities. CEP undertakes this work across a number of key areas:

Building and maintaining strong relationships with rural and remote education communities

CEP connects on a regular basis with a range of rural and remote learning communities across Australia. It undertakes this work by facilitating forums with rural and remote education communities; delivering workshops which focus on challenges faced by rural and remote education communities; sparking discussions with education organisations, education leaders, and rural and remote communities; and facilitating key research.

Representing rural and remote education to governments, educations sectors and key stakeholder groups

CEP represents rural and remote learning communities at a number of levels. These include state and federal governments; government and education sector working groups and reference groups; senior education personnel within the Departments of Education and Training and the Catholic Education Offices. CEP also has strong links with other key stakeholder groups, such as principal, philanthropy, parent, student, school governance and union organisations. In addition, the CEP represents rural and remote learning communities nationally, through organisations such as the Society for the Provision of Education within Rural Australia.

Supporting Rural Youth Leadership

The CEP facilitates a high-quality Rural Youth Ambassador program and the recently developed Rural Inspire initiative.

Rural Inspire is designed to enhance the aspirations and dreams of children and young people within rural and remote communities. These initiatives have enabled the linking successful rural people back to their communities as Rural Inspire Mentors, as well as opportunities for youth leadership; social media communication and post-school transition assistance, commonly referred to as ‘What’s Next’.

Communication and Promotion

CEP utilises a number of communication strategies to ensure rural and remote education communities are informed of the issues, challenges and initiatives occurring within rural and remote education. We draw attention to — and are involved in — relevant research, and showcase best-practice education within rural and remote communities.


CEP undertakes necessary research to support rural schools, communities and young people in partnership with universities and key stakeholder education organisations. Such research, and subsequent discussion papers, have included work on student aspirations, small schools development, community engagement, remote learning, and the enhancement of student outcomes.

More information on our research can be found within the Rural Learning Hub.