The Country Education Partnership is a not for profit organisation that supports the provision of education within rural and remote communities.

Affectionately known as CEP, it has been in existence for over 35 years and is now seen as the pre-eminent organisation on rural and remote education. It’s work is fundamentally grounded in:

  • Supporting, facilitating and co-ordinating numerous innovative and responsive programs for people in rural and remote learning communities
  • Representing rural and remote learning communities to education sectors, government and key stakeholders.
  • Facilitating a range of programs and services aimed at building the capacity of rural and remote communities in the provision of high quality learning.

Desire has always been to work for and on behalf of all rural and remote education communities to ensure that learners within these communities have access to the highest quality of education provision from 0-18+ years across government and non-government education organisations.

As a result Country Education Partnership plays a unique role as an independent not for profit entity within the education industry.

It believes that rural and remote communities contribute significantly to the Australian economy and social fabric and the provision of quality rural education is an essential component for its sustainability, growth and future.

It also believes that working collaboratively through locally developed flexible partnerships, is the best approach to providing quality learning within these communities.


Collaboratively use its resources in rural education and communities to challenge and support them in their:

  • planning and delivery of high quality learning
  • the provision of opportunities for all students

The organsiation has three key values that it operates by:

  • Collaboration – that fosters inclusiveness, participation, sharing and responsiveness to members
  • Leadership – that is proactive, professional and consultative
  • Achievement – a focus on development, challenge, excellence and celebration.