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There are a number of exciting opportunities for rural and remote educators on offer at present that include online resources, professional development opportunities. Below is an overview of these opportunities.

FREE Virtual Learning Opportunities 

There are a large number of virtual learning opportunities available- for both students and teachers, including:

  • Parliamentary Education Office incursions
  • Sealife Aquarium: endangered penguins
  • Professionally produced productions on various topics (Sydney Opera House)
  • Professional Learning for Teachers on various topics (DART Connections)
  • ACMI: Meet independent film makers who will discuss the process of making a low-budget film

For more information and to read the complete list of opportunities available for you and your students, click on the flier here: Virtual Learning Opportunities 


Bestow Institute of Educational Leadership

The Bastow Institute of Education Leadership has recently released their program offerings for the rest of the year, and they can be accessed through the link: Bastow PD Programs – Now Available.

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