rural scenicCountry Education Partnership is committed to supporting educational leaders and leadership development within rural and remote education communities.

Over many years, discussions with education leaders across rural and remote communities, along with research undertaken nationally and internationally, have highlighted the very diverse and expanded nature of educational leadership that is required in a rural and remote context. This has presented a unique challenge that many such communities have in recruiting and retaining high quality education leaders.

Such education leadership roles encompass many aspects that are not necessarily required in numerous other education settings, especially those in larger population centres. In the large majority of education communities, the education leaders are often expected to undertake a range of other leadership roles within their communities.

Preparing such education leadership roles, along with the provision of an ongoing, high-quality and accessible professional learning strategy for rural and remote education leaders is a focus of CEP.

A number of specific initiatives have been developed by Country Education Partnership to enhance the skills and knowledge of rural and remote education leaders including:

  • rural and remote education leadership programs;
  • professional development forums and workshops involving internationally recognised educators;
  • workshops and forums for rural and remote education leaders focusing on their unique role within their community;
  • educational leadership development within P-12 Education Settings
  • the development of a “Pipeline Leadership” project focused on rural and remote education leadership development that links the two keys areas of “leadership development and growth” with “ongoing succession planning”;
  • the development of a highly skilled consultancy team with a strong experience and knowledge in the areas education leadership within rural and remote communities.

Across all these areas, the Country Education Partnership has partnered with education sectors, rural and remote education communities, and international organisations in the development and delivery of a range of these programs across many states within Australia.