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It is hard to believe it has been just over 3 and a half months since the inaugural Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) at the Academy of Teaching and Leadership (The Academy) was officially launched.

As we near the mid-program mark, about the learning activities the TEP participants have enjoyed and share what is coming over the next few months.

Around 250 participants from government, Independent and Catholic schools are enjoying the rich variety of TEP learning experiences and provocations to amplify exemplary teaching practice in their classrooms.

TEP participants enjoy working with peers across the eight program disciplines with guidance of the Master Teachers, and through unique and regular learning opportunities with a range of high-quality guest speakers and educational experts.


Term 1 – 2 TEP activities

  •  250 x Master Teacher Meetings 1:1 with each TEP participant
  • Official Launch of the TEP, 9 March
  • Masterclasses
    – Masterclass 1: 28 Feb-3 March
    – Masterclass 2: 21-24 March
    – Masterclasses 3-4: 30-31 May, 1 June
    – Masterclass 5: 14-16 June
  • Conferences
    – Pre-Conference Seminar 21 February
    – Term 1 Conference 10 March
    – Term 2 Provocations Conference 2 May
  • 16 x Discipline-based workshops (1 per Conference), 10 March and 2 May
  • 5 x Responsive Pedagogy Electives (RPEs) 12 April, 20 April, 23-25 May
  • 138 x Teaching Excellence Learning Communities (TELCs)
    – TELC 1: 2-3 March
    – TELC 2: 15-18 March
    – TELC 3: 28-31 March, 4-6 April
    – TELC 4: 16-19 May
    – TELC 5: 6-9 June


What is on the TEP calendar in Term 3 

2023 TEP Applications and Selections process commences, see below.

  • Term 2 Provocations Conference 18 July
  • TELCs
    – TELC 6: 25-28 July
    – TELC 7: 15-19 August
    – TELC 8: 5-8 September
  • 2 x Responsive Pedagogy Electives (RPEs) 6-7, 9-10 August, 8-9 September TBC
  • 2 x Masterclass
    – Masterclass 6: 1-3 August,
    – Masterclass 7: 22, 24-25 August
    – Masterclass 8: 29-31 August, 1 September

2023 TEP Applications and Selections process

In 2023, there will be 500 places available in the TEP. We are asking interested teachers from primary, secondary and specialist settings to apply now the 2023 program. If there are exceptional teachers in your association or school networks who may be interested in TEP, please encourage them to go to the Academy’s website to find out more. Please be aware that there is no cost to participate in the program, and subsidies will be provided to all government schools, and those Catholic and Independent schools that are eligible to support participation in TEP.


Master Teachers regional engagements

In May and June, Master Teachers commenced a series of regional visits to support participants in their school, observing them in their classrooms with students and meeting with school principals and leaders, regional leaders, where possible. These are mutually beneficial with participants accessing direct support with their Master Teachers. Master Teachers have gained insights and understanding about participants, unique school attributes, place-based initiatives, and nuances of a range of schools across the state.

Some principals have shared their interest in TEP since the visits and sought more information about nominating excellent teachers for future intakes. The Master Teachers are also making some priority visits to metropolitan schools between delivery of their learning events. Master Teachers have since been invited to join local teacher conferences and learning events.


For more information, contact the Teaching Excellence Program team on teaching.excellence.program@education.vic.gov.au