Supporting Graduate Teachers

CEP knows providing new graduates with positive experiences within their first teaching role, and within a rural education community, is essential in retaining these people into the future.
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Are you a graduate teacher (or second year) in a rural school? Do you know any graduate (or second year) teachers in your rural education community?  We are seeking graduate and second year teachers in rural education settings who wish to be involved in a network of support and mentoring. 

To be involved email Leanne Baxter at the CEP via Friday 12 March 2021. We will contact you in Term 2 to discuss your experiences and how we might support you into the future.


In 2010, the CEP undertook an online survey of new graduates, specifically to gain an understanding of these people’s experiences of their first six months within the teaching profession. The outcome  was the formation of the Rural Educators Network piloting several rural cluster and university partnerships creating opportunities for preservice teachers to undertake extended and supported teacher experiences in rural schools. The review of this initiative indicated a significant increase in  the uptake of rural educator positions from preservice teachers involved in the initiative. 

Once again, CEP would like to open conversations with our current graduate teachers (and  second-year teaching staff). Our focus will be around supporting new graduates with networking 

opportunities (specifically to build partnerships between other graduate teachers through an online  forum) and with other rural mentor teachers; to promote rural education opportunities; and to provide  ongoing professional development resources and opportunities. 

We would like to begin with an online survey, to gain an understanding of their experiences,  challenges, and opportunities of these first- and second-year graduates and to explore how further  support could be provided. The survey will focus on several areas including: 

  • Activities provided by Victorian Institute of Teaching 
  • Induction program 
  • Mentor support 
  • Professional Development 
  • New Graduate networks 
  • Further possible support 

As part of this work, the CEP will also facilitate meetings and forums involving people from the various  education sectors, Victorian Institute of Teaching and new graduates to discuss the findings of the  survey and explore future actions that would enhance the support provided to new graduates within  rural Victoria. 

Are you a graduate teacher (or second year) in a rural school? Do you know any graduate (or second year) in your education community? 

To get involved email Leanne Baxter at CEP via by Friday 12 March, 2021. 

Support for other education communities? 

If you would like to explore support in other education settings, such as tutoring or early years, please contact Leanne Baxter to discuss,

I would like to support graduate and second year teachers in rural schools

If you are interested in assisting CEP to support graduate teachers through mentoring or similar please contact Leanne to discuss,