Support for rural educators in Term 4

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Bush Voices, eKids

Country Education Partnership has a range of curriculum support opportunities available to rural educators in Term 4.

In our most recent discussions with rural education leaders and classroom practitioners across the state, it is abundantly clear that the ongoing rollercoaster of this pandemic continues to tire and cognitively drain our dedicated educators, not to mention, the toll taken on students and their families. 

And yet, there is one more school term to navigate before respite arrives in the form of summer holidays, and who would know whether we will experience another remote learning experience.

At a recent staff meeting, the team at CEP was left wondering, how can we support you, our rural and remote school communities as you embark on the final term?

While there are a range of things we may not be able to provide, what we would like  to offer is a range of curriculum resources and programs, both static and live online. Out thinking was that perhaps this offering can ease some of the burden for a number of teachers as they re-enter the classroom and try to finish off what has been another trying year to say the least, while providing something a little different for the students they have under their care.

The bulk of these offerings will be aimed at upper primary aged students (ie Year 5 and 6), in particular any live sessions. However, some of the static material will be accessible to lower primary levels, such as the physical challenges and traditional eKids problems.

The suite of offerings we are proposing will include programs and resources that make up CEPs exciting eKids initiative – an interactive and online initiative to provide engaging and challenging learning for young students. Specific activities such as:

  • eKids Science program – Online tasks produced by the Education Team at the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra. Taking an in depth look at the inhabitants of the zoo, one week at a time, with the option of a larger whole-term project.
  • STEAM Kahoot! – Play specifically prepared online Kahoot quizzes in class with your students, focussed on a range of STEAM topics, or send them home so that they can learning with their families.
  • Traditional eKids Problems – Download static cross curricula problems/tasks/projects for your students to work through each week, all set to encourage students to think creatively. 
  • Physical Challenges – Download exciting and interactive little challenges that get the students up and out of the classroom, collaborating together on engaging set physical-cognitive challenges.
  • EBKids – Weekly sessions focussing on the elements of the Energy Breakthrough, such as trike construction, renewable energy and recycling, nutrition and health, oral presentations, and so on. This program will also students to share their learning with other schools. 

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please register here.