Steve Munby delivers excellent webinar series

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Bush Voices, News

Taking place over six weeks, Steve Munby has delivered an excellent webinar series for CEP, focusing on leadership in times of change.

The series began with the webinar Leadership at a time of crisis and uncertainty, followed by a session on Imperfect Leadership and concluded with Leading Professional Development within and beyond your school

Over the course of the series we had close to 300 participants tune in from many locations across Australia. 

Phil Brown, CEP’s Chief Executive Officer found the sessions incredibly valuable. 

‘We’re very fortunate to have Steve deliver such a relevant and insightful series of lectures. I’m very grateful for the knowledge and time he has shared with the CEP community, offering all of us a rich opportunity for professional development.’


The participants found the series timely and engaging, many highlighting Steve’s skill in delivering a presentation. 

‘I enjoyed the webinar. Steve has a very positive and engaging way of delivering the message. I am really looking forward to the next session. Thank you for enabling us to join in from Sth. Australia.’ Participant feedback. 

‘The personal examples brought the concepts to life and the whole idea of imperfect leadership makes so much sense. We don’t have to be ‘the finished product’ to be ready to lead. The webinar has fuelled my desire to seek out leadership opportunities. Thanks again! I look forward to the next one.’ Participant feedback.

‘Steve is a brilliant presenter. Engaging. Calm. Knowledgeable and reflective. Never disappointed to have spent time in his sessions, and pleased this time to be able to share this with our leadership team.’ Participant feedback.

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A slide from Steve’s presentation.

Steve Munby presenting for CEP, 2020