Seeking Mentor Teachers

What do we need to do to improve the quality of training and support for our ‘early career teachers’ in rural and remote schools? CEP is seeking passionate teachers who are interested in supporting and mentoring new rural teachers so that they can be great educators too. 

The Graduate Support Program (an initiative of the CEP) needs teachers – with past and present teaching experience and with regional, rural or remote teaching experience – who are willing to share their expert support, advice and teaching experiences with our early career teachers.  

The aim of the Graduate Support Program is to provide our early career, rural and remote teachers with online coaching, motivation, conversation and inspiration.  Every piece of good advice that we can share with new teachers will inevitably have an impact on their success (and therefore recruitment and retention) of new teachers in our rural and remote schools (and ultimately their students’ success).

If you are willing to once every few weeks, share your expertise with a graduate teacher please email as soon as possible.

Please note:  You do not have to be currently registered with the VIT, but you do need to have teaching experience and be passionate about helping to develop our early career and graduate teachers.