Sale Cluster Going Strong

The Sale Rural Cluster students came together last term for a day full of activities, fun and learning for students. 
The Cluster day was attended by students from eight rural schools in the Sale Cluster . These schools — Nambrok Denison, Cowwarr, Airly, Bundalguah, Seaspray, Cobains, Loch Sport and Wurruk — make up the Sale Rural Cluster.

Since its inception, CEP has supported the development of ‘clusters’ within locally geographic education communities. Centred on a place-based, whole-of-community approach, these partnerships help rural schools deliver high quality education, by sharing curriculum, resources and ideas. 

Over term 2, the eight schools had focused on themes of competition and cooperation. The most recent cluster day was an opportunity for students from each of the schools to meet with their cluster peers for a day of activities and learning. 

A series of activities were undertaken throughout the day, giving students a chance to compete in large groups as well as smaller ones. Spaghetti towers, Minute to Win It challenges, a large group parachute building competition, relays and even a giant inflatable obstacle course were some of the day’s events.  

This is just one example of the cluster working together to support rural learning. Each term teachers from the eight schools come together for planning days, run cross-school online reading groups, yearly sporting days (swimming, cross country, athletics) are undertaken  as a cluster, as are ¾ and ⅚ camps.


Craig Pauwels, principal at Nambrok Denison, is grateful for what the cluster provides the students of the eight schools.  

“Teachers across the 8 schools have combined planning days each term,” he said.  

“Part of the planning day involves planning the Cluster Concept Day to celebrate the learning towards the end of each term.”

“The students thoroughly enjoy these days together. They think that they are fun, but they also really enjoy getting to know the students from the other cluster schools.”

The cross-school interactions also support Sale Rural Cluster students in their transitions from primary to secondary school. 

“Our students meet up at orientation days for secondary school, with staff and students looking out for each other,” Mr Pauwels said.

“It is a great opportunity for the students from small schools to make connections with others that help their transition into high school that bit easier.”

Education State Forum

The obstacle course students from the eight cluster schools competed on. 

The course was a chance for students to apply some of the thematic learning the cluster had done throughout the term.

CEP Education Forum

Students had a great time competing against teams and themselves on the day.