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Rural Youth Ambassadors at Energy Breakthrough 2023
It was fantastic to see a number of this year’s Rural Youth Ambassadors at the Energy Breakthrough recently. Our young people, including Henry, Khoa and Aurora, spent time volunteering at a number of events. Henry even managed to attend for the entire 5 days. An awesome effort and he certainly was the king of the kids. We also had Hunter and Buzz participate in this year’s event representing Edenhope College. This was their community project for the year and they certainly made an instant impact. RYA is keen to continue its partnership with EB and we look forward to linking up again next year.

“Energy breakthrough 2023 was my first ever year coming to the event, as well as competing in the HPV race. I competed for our mixed team from two schools, Edenhope college and Balmoral K-12, in our trike Bert. It was an awesome event full of keen spectators, volunteers and teams from all around. It was great to catch up with and get visits from the CEP team in the pits and around the whole event, as well as some of the rural youth ambassadors!

Although the weather wasn’t always on our side, it was an experience I will never forget. Waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning to ride in Bert was a true test of resilience and teamwork. Racing against all of the other teams on the track and seeing all the energy in the pits was so rewarding. Energy breakthrough was absolutely awesome, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Thank you to all the Volunteers, catering services, event managers, sponsors, teams and spectators that helped bring energy breakthrough 2023 come together!”

– Hunter Adams, RYA 2023 and EB participant

“During my 5 day week at the Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough I tried to dip my feet into a fair amount of activities and do as much as I was allowed to do.

While I was there my first 2 and a half days mainly consisted of me helping out Rob (the man in charge of the Primary pushcarts). I first helped set up the track for the obstacles and partially the triathlon course, I then found myself doing the scrutineering of the Primary pushcarts (which was quite fun but also a bit hectic). I was then trying to help marshall, start the races and to just try and pump up the kids that were about to race, and that to me (pumping up the kids) was probably the best part of the experience at Track B, as during the end of the presentations for the primary pushcarts, it was mentioned that I was giving out fist bumps and high fives to kids and they started whispering  “that was me !’, and even a whole heap of kids came up to me after and were asking for them as well. 

My last 2 and a half days were extremely… wet, however it was really fun. I somehow found my way up onto the stage with the mic, and just started to interview a primary student in Pit Lane A, and asked for some suggestions to blast out from the stage. 

Then during the Secondary’s 24 hour race, I suddenly thought it would be a great idea to do the graveyard shift in the battery storage for the EEV’s and the HPV’s, yeah. It wasn’t actually that bad because I would be talking to the students and teachers that were grabbing the batteries and I actually ended up talking to one teacher for about 20 minutes. I then had the privilege on the final day to be up on stage blasting out ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ on the speakers while watching the EEV take overall first place.

I have many great memories from my first Energy Breakthrough and I can’t wait for next year to come around. But my greatest experience I got from it was when strangers would ask myself and other volunteers if we needed anything and that we would not have to pay them back, it truly was something to be appreciated that much by the Maryborough community, the parents, and the teachers that were there also.”

– Henry Smith, RYA 2023 and EB volunteer

RYA Community Project presentation at Marian College Myrtleford
On wednesday the 29th of November I had the pleasure to visit Marian College in Myrtleford as two of our Ambassadors (Izzie and Gen) delivered their community project for 2023.
They undertook the monumental task of organising and delivering a Careers expo at their school, and wow, what an awesome job they did. Nearly 20 providers from around the region presented at the expo and over 150 students from Marian College and Myrtleford P12 were in attendance. Our Ambassadors surveyed students on areas of interest and then sourced as many local champions to talk to the students. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and plans are in place to now make this an annual event. Thanks Gen, Izzie and Maria for all your amazing work.