Rural and Regional Education Announcement

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Bush Voices

Rural and Regional Education Announcement

Ms Helen Clarke, Chair of Country Education Partnership is delighted with the State Governments recent announcement of $83 million funding for a variety of initiatives to address the challenges faced by rural and regional communities in providing a quality education.

The Government has committed to $ 83 million for such initiatives as:

  • Attracting teachers and leaders to rural and regional communities;
  • Expansion of professional development for teachers and leaders;
  • Supporting rural students to attend VCE revision lectures;
  • Abolishing the student fees for virtual programs;
  • Supporting the formation of rural partnerships to improve learning provision;

In addition to the above, the Victorian Government will double the internet speed into government schools.

“This is a great first step, and it is pleasing to see specific initiatives that focus on enhancing learning opportunities for rural young people, strategies to attract quality educators to rural communities, and approaches to improve rural youth aspirations”

Ms Clarke said.

The Premier and Minister for Education made the announcement at the Cowes Primary School on Thursday, 5th September.

“We’re closing the gap between the country and the city – ensuring rural and regional schools have the people, facilities and funding they need to give every child a great education.”

Country Education Partnership is a strong and determined advocate that has for some time argued for a joint effort by Government and rural education communities to improve the opportunities for all students regardless of where they live.

Helen indicated that these initiatives would provide valuable support for our rural education communities and further strengthen the learning provided to young people in their communities and assist them to address the challenges they currently face:

“We need to recognize the great work that our rural education settings, and more specifically our teachers and education leaders, do in providing a high quality learning for their young people even though they are challenged by a number of areas including providing the breadth of learning their young people would like to have, and access to quality educators.”

The Country Education Partnership will now work with the State Government and education sectors on behalf of all rural young people and education settings to ensure that these new initiatives impact on improved learning opportunities and education outcomes for every rural young person.