Annual Rural Learning Summit

The Country Education Partnership hosts an annual rural learning summit to explore issues and ideas relevant to rural learning.

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These rural learning summits are held in a different rural community each year and are attended by people involved in, or interested in, rural education.

Attendee numbers are strictly capped to a maximum of 70 participants to ensure an active discussion can be facilitated.

Each year a key focus area is identified for consideration, discussion and analysis. At the conclusion of each summit, a report is developed and circulated.

IMG_03152017 Summit – “CEP: Celebration, Engagement, Projection”

Dates:              Friday, 25th August

Venue:             The Treacy Centre, Parkville, Melbourne

Who For:          Rural Education Leaders; Rural Educators; Rural Early Years Services; Education Sectors; Key Stakeholders interested in Rural Education; Rural Communities; and Rural Young People.

CEPs annual Rural Learning Summit provides an opportunity for rural and remote education and community leaders to be actively engaged in focused discussions to support, and enhance, quality learning within rural and remote Victoria.

Each year CEP hosts this Summit to bring together a group of key rural leaders to explore a key theme impacting on, or relevant to, rural and remote education. Key themes in previous years have included:

  • Rural Learning Declaration
  • Engaging and retaining rural young people in learning
  • Clustering – Collaborating through Learning Communities
  • Rural Learning – Making it Happen

In 2017, the key theme of “CEP: Celebration, Engagement, Projection” is reflective of the 40th anniversary of CEP and will centre on the critical role of CEP within rural education and education provision. Whilst reflective of CEP’s achievements over this time, the key focus of the Rural Learning Summit will be to consider on the role and engagement of CEP within rural education into the future; projecting the strengths and challenges for rural education communities in the next forty years and beyond.

Dec 07 024Previous Summits

Below are the reports from each of our previous Rural Learning Summits. Please click on the title of each summit listed below to read these reports.

2013 – “Rural Learning: Making it Happen”

2012 – “Clustering- Collaborating through Learning Communities”

2011 – “Engaging Rural Youth in Learning”

2010 – “Rural Education in the Future”