Rural Learning Summit 2017

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Bush Voices

The Annual Rural Learning Summit will bring together people from rural and remote education communities, education sectors, philanthropy, higher education, key stakeholder groups, rural young people and interested rural community members to explore the key theme:

“Building Meaningful Partnerships”

What is the partnership approach that ensures that rural and remote communities have access to a high quality education provision into the future focused on:

  • a collaborative approach that fosters inclusiveness, participation and sharing of resources;
  • an education leadership that is pro active and collegiate;
  • an enhanced learning opportunities for rural and remote children and young people.

The Rural Learning Summit will be held on Friday, 25th August and  is pleased to have a number of highly credentialed presenters who will share their knowledge and expertise in relation to the provision of quality education within rural and remote communities, and providing the basis for an in depth discussion on the future of rural education provision.

They include:

  • The Hon James Merlino, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education
  • Dr Don Edgar, the inaugural chair of the Country Education Project,
  • Mr Jack Archer, CEO of the Regional Australia Institute
  • Ms Bronwyn Lee, Deputy CEO of Foundation for Young Australians.


Date:     Friday, 25th August

Venue:   The Treacey Centre, The Avenue, Parkville

Times:    9.00am to 3.30pm

More Information:   Rural Learning Summit 2017

Key Question for Consideration and Discussion:

  • Do rural education communities integrate partnerships into planning, evaluation measures, student well-being and student opportunities, outcomes and performance?
  • Do we have a leadership structure that ensures partnerships are integral to rural education providers mission, structures and operations?
  • Do we prepare rural teaching staff and education leaders to be partnership ready?
  • Are rural communities helped to meet the current and future learning needs of their communities with a range of partnership approaches that include the design, implementation and evaluation of education programs?
  • Are we supporting partnerships in high-risk low-performing educational communities and student cohorts, including the communication of positive models.
  • Do we provide easy access to educational information, research and services for rural communities and navigation assistance?

If you are interested in being part of this years Rural Learning Summit, please email