Rural Inspire and RESN: Supporting rural VCE students online

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Bush Voices, News

Rural VCE students can now access free online tutoring, thanks to a new alliance between the Country Education Partnership’s (CEP)  Rural Inspire initiative and the Regional Education Support Network (RESN). For five weeks now, . tutoring has been provided via online drop-in  sessions, covering a broad range of VCE subjects. 

RESN  is a not-for-profit organisation, providing online tutoring for regional and rural students. The RESN team, of 350 volunteers, is made up of VCE, HSC, QCE and IB graduates who are passionate about providing high-quality tutoring across Victoria and New South Wales. 

The online tutoring initiative began at the end of term 3, and has continued on a weekly basis, every Wednesday and Thursday evening. So far, more than 150 students from rural and remote communities have registered to participate in the 10 different sessions, covering a list of 12 VCE subjects. 

The drop-in format of the sessions  has been welcomed by VCE students who say they’re pleased they can access tutoring for multiple subjects on the same night. Additionally, they say the online delivery has made it easy to navigate between the digital classrooms and tutors, ensuring they get the most out of their sessions. . 

CEP Chief Executive, Phil Brown, says the online tutoring alliance is a big step forward for rural students.

‘This is a great opportunity for rural kids who don’t usually get access to this kind of learning support,’ Mr Brown said.

‘Larger population centres sometimes take tutoring for granted; it’s a really valuable resource and I’m pleased RESN is helping us support our rural VCE students,’ he said,

‘I’m very keen to see this partnership grow into the future, and the quantity of registrations, as well as the feedback from students, suggests there is significant demand for online tutoring within our rural communities.’  

With VCE exams fast approaching, Rural Inspire and RESN will continue collaborating to deliver online sessions, relevant to the exam timetable and student needs. 

Students who are interested in any of the remaining tutorial sessions should head to the Rural Inspire facebook page for weekly updates.

Alternatively, RESN offers one-on-one online tutoring, enabling individual, rural students to email through their work and then receive feedback and suggestions, also via email, within 24 hours. Please visit to register your school with RESN to gain access to this individual support. This will provide students with free access to all of RESN’s services, including study resources, practice questions, and tutoring from recent high-achieving students.