Rural Help for Young People Moving Away from Home

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Bush Voices

Rural Help for Young People Moving Away from Home


With rural VCE and VCAL students busily considering their pathways beyond school, the Country Education Partnership’s (CEP) Rural Inspire initiative has establishing a “Helping Hand Team” to better assist rural kids potentially moving away from home.

Under the banner of Rural Inspire’s “School to Next” program, the Helping Hand Team has been established as a way to ease rural students through the transition from formal school to their next phase of life — be that tertiary studies, TAFE, employment, apprenticeships or traineeships.

The Helping Hand Team are all too aware of how dauting it can be for country students (and their parents) having to decide where to study or work or live, having all gone through the same experience in recent years.

Not being able to attend all university Open Days, knowing how to find accommodation, finding people to hang out with and where to find a job are often things that rural young people cite as their biggest stresses upon leaving school.

At CEP we say ‘don’t stress, get a Helping Hand instead’, thanks to our Helping Hand Team, which is made up of Rural Youth Ambassador Alumni!


In 2019, our Rural Youth Ambassador Alumni (comprising in excess of 150 rural young people who have tracked this path before) are ready and raring to guide prospective students and their families through open days, facility tours, moving information, support networks and other orientation opportunities.

Our RYA Alumni know exactly what it’s like to make the big shift from a country setting to urban life.

Across the alumni group, individuals are involved in a range of experiences including further study across a range of university courses, study in various TAFE programs, and employment in the “big smoke” — they have a breadth of experiences and knowledge and they’re keen to share it with you. 

What We Offer

We have Rural Youth Ambassador Alumni available at:

All Victorian regional universities
A range of TAFE and training organisations in capital cities and regional centres

All Melbourne universities and training organisations
All South Australian universities
All ACT universities
The Armed Services, nationally
Select NSW universities


Happy to Help

The RYA Helping Hand Team will provide first-hand, in-depth knowledge of what it is like transitioning from a rural/remote community to a larger regional or metropolitan centre.

So, if you are a principal or teacher determined to provide transition support for your rural students; a rural young person wanting to make the big move; or even a parent looking to assist in the transition — we can offer you the opportunity to visit multiple universities or TAFE colleges in one weekend, or even just a chat with someone who ‘been there and done that’.

We are Happy to Help!

Use of the School to Next Helping Hand Team is FREE, all you need to do is express your interest by emailing