Rural Flying Doctor Service Provides Great Education Opportunity

RFDS2The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Victoria has an exciting education program available to rural and remote school communities during 2016 – and they will visit you.

The Service has built on the experiences they have provided within many rural and remote students over recent years to add a couple of initiatives which make the experience even more engaging and exciting for students:

  • it now includes the cockpit, complete with avionics, propeller and a flight simulator. It’s a plane without wings!
  • the fuselage is fully equipped with stretchers, communications, oxygen, suction and the equipment used by the doctors, nurses and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
  • Our interactive online teaching resource has been redesigned in line with the Australian Curriculum. Direct links to History, Geography as well as thematic links to topics such as ‘Community’, ‘Australia’, ‘Communication’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Australian icons’.
  • RFDS4The easy to use resource includes a tour of our base in Broken Hill, interviews and videos with a pilot, doctor, a flight nurse and also staff and students from ‘School of the Air’.

It provides students with a real sense of life in the more remote areas of Australia.

Teachers can utilise all or part of the resource – it’s up to the individual teacher to work out how it best fits into their curriculum! It’s FREE to register and FREE to use.

For more information on the program please visit: Royal Flying Doctor Education Program

In 2016, rural and remote schools will be offered a choice in how they cover the cost of the simulator visit.

  • Option A: $150 per session with a maximum of 25 students per session
  • Option B: Schools that register their interest will be provided with a fundraising pack that will assist schools with ideas and resources to hold a fund raiser within their school.

          FREE high level online curriculum resources are also available.

If you would like more information on the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and the potential for them to visit your rural or remote community, please email, i.