Re-establishment of the P-12 Education Network

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Bush Voices

The Country Education Partnership (CEP) is pleased to announce the re-establishment of a state-wide P-12 Education Network, with a launching forum to be held next month.

All education mentors — from Principals through to leading teachers — are encouraged to take part, with international leadership presenter, Steve Munby, to head the forum as keynote speaker.

The network’s reestablishments follows many months of work between CEP and a team of P-12 education leaders.

CEP Chairman Phil Brown says the forum is timely, following a recent article by Australian Council for Educational Research CEO, Professor Geoff Masters, in which he questioned the appropriateness of aged-based curricula.

Is this the best way to support teachers’ efforts to identify and address the learning needs of individual students? ,” Prof. Masters wrote.

“Would success at school be better measured not in terms of common year-level expectations, but in terms of the progress individuals make in a year, regardless of their starting points?”

Keynote Thinker

In leading the forum, Mr Munby will share his knowledge and experience in international education leadership.

The forum will also discuss:

  • Existing challenges within P-12 education settings;
  • the potential of P-12 schools to provide sequential curriculum; and
  • the sharing of ideas and methods undertaken in our P-12 schools.

Details & Registration

Date: Thursday, May 24

Time: 9am to 3pm

Location: The Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville

Program: Steve Munby workshop, followed by discussion groups and exploration of a P-12 Education Setting Network.

Registration: .

A bit of Background on Steve Munby

Steve Munby is an internationally-regarded education leader and presenter. He recently retired as Chief Executive of the Education Development Trust, an international education charity working in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Before that, he was for many years CEO of the National College for School Leadership in England.  He is now self-employed as a consultant and speaker on leadership and system-reform..

Steve is also the facilitator for the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory and Visiting Professor at University College Lond.