Professional Learning Opportunities

Country Education Partnership provides a range of professional learning opportunities. These are developed in partnership with rural and remote education communities to build the capacity and skills of their community educators.

These take the form of conferences, forums, workshops and guest presentations. We are currently running our Professional Development Online Series which seeks to help educators overcome the many challenges faced in the education industry. In addition, CEP has developed numerous partnerships with overseas organisations in provided Overseas Leadership Benchmark Tours – generally to United Kingdom and Canada.

We are working with a number of organisations and education leaders to provide digital opportunities for professional development. More information on our professional development opportunities will be coming soon.

Professional development opportunities

Steve Munby

‘Better Together’ professional learning event

January 28, 2022

How can we enhance teamwork and school culture in order to reduce pressure, increase fulfilment, and create meaningful progress on the things that matter most in 2022?


In an Australian first, Dr Adam Fraser and Dr Simon Breakspear are working together to present an interactive virtual event for all of your team, to support your school’s professional learning day on 28th January 2022.

They will present Better Together: how educators can embrace new ways of working to enhance their collective impact.

The last two years have demonstrated the power and potential of professional collaboration to innovate, adapt and improve. As we kick-off 2022 there is an incredible opportunity to collectively build more connected and resilient professional cultures in our schools.

In this highly-practical professional learning day for teachers we will explore:
• Why school culture is everybody’s responsibility

• What great teamwork looks and feels like

• How psychological safety enables growth through challenge and innovation

• Practical tools to enhance professional dialogue about teaching and learning

• Embracing the process of evolving and growing as a professional

• How to take practical steps to improve collaborative practices to enhance our impact on students



When: January 28, 2022 at 10am

Where: Online


Steve Munby

Agile School Leadership Program

Now, more than ever, we need dynamic school leaders, powerful teams, and resilient organisations

As we head into a new school year in 2022, Dr Simon Breakspear and his faculty are will facilitate their 12-week online program, Agile School Leadership, designed for leadership teams who want to level up and lead meaningful change.

In partnership with CEP, Simon is offering member schools a 20% discount on the cost of this program.

With cohorts being taken from February 2022, the opportunity is here for you and your team to renew your vitality for building leadership capability and implementing evidence-informed improvement approaches in a way that is appropriate for your unique educational context.

To find out more, please visit

If you and/or your team are interested in taking up this generous 20% discount offer, please email CEP at 

Adam Fraser

Resilience workshops with Maggie Farrar

Wed 28 July, Wed 4 Aug & Thur 2 Sept | 4:15 pm – 6pm

Country Education Partnership (CEP) and Victorian Principals’ Association (VPA) have partnered with renowned international education expert Maggie Farrar to offer online workshops for individuals, schools and partnerships across rural Australia. 

The three workshops will explore cultivating resilience at individual, organisational and partnership levels and will provide participants with practices and tools that can be shared within teams.”

The series is free for financial members of both CEP and VPA and $50 per school for non-financial members. Participants can attend all three sessions or attend individual sessions.

Steve Munby

Webinar Series with Steve Munby

Wed 29 July, Wed 12 Aug & Wed 2 Sept | 4:15 pm – 5:30pm

The CEP has partnered with Steve Munby for term three to offer a series of webinars for teams of principals, educational leaders and staff. This is a unique opportunity for your team to come together, in your own education environment, and hear from a world-renowned leader. Steve is widely recognised as an expert in improving school leadership and culture globally. You can choose to participate in one, two or all three webinars.