Professional Learning at Bastow

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Bush Voices

Professional Learning at Bastow

The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, a branch of the Department of Education and Training, offers leadership professional learning for Victorian primary, secondary and early childhood education professionals.
See Bastow for information on the full suite of programs, courses, professional practice and events.

Current opportunities that may be of interest include the following:


Numeracy Webinar Series

Hosted by Narissa Leung, the Numeracy Webinar Series focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to better understand and teach the numeracy curriculum. The 90-minute webinars are scheduled throughout the year and use current resources and strategies to support best practice in the classroom.

Each webinar unpacks specific content areas, proficiencies and high-impact teaching strategies to help you develop a stronger sense of how to teach numeracy.

Starts Thursday 13 June (online)
Registrations close Wednesday 12 June
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Partnering to Improve Learning

This course explores strategies for strengthening and building your school’s relationships with families and the wider community, including community agencies and services, local businesses and philanthropic organisations.

Teams will work together on a problem of practice specific to your context and priorities.

Starts Tuesday 16 July (Frankston)
Registrations close Sunday 23 June
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Leading Professional Learning

Lead the learning of your colleagues using classrooms as sites for in-school professional learning. This course is designed to strengthen learning specialists’ leadership of professional conversations and supports them to actively contribute to safe and trusting learning communities.

Starts Monday 29 July (Warragul)
Registrations close Monday 24 June
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Emerging Leaders Conference

Bastow’s Emerging Leaders Conference is an exciting and challenging experience, bringing together aspiring and emerging school leaders from across the state.

Keynote speaker Samantha Gash and a range of expert practitioners will capture your imagination, inspire you to follow your dreams and help you become a successful future leader.

Starts Monday 1 July (one day)
Registrations close Saturday 15 June
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Middle Leaders Conference

Bastow’s inaugural Middle Leaders Conference encourages established educational leaders from all over Victoria to extend their leadership capability.

Keynote speaker Holly Ransom and expert practitioners will share their valuable insights, experiences and skills to help you to succeed as a leader and inspire you to create meaningful change.

Starts Tuesday 2 July (one day)
Registrations close Saturday 15 June
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