Professional Learning at Bastow

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Bush Voices

Professional Learning at Bastow

The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, a branch of the Department of Education and Training, offers leadership professional learning for Victorian primary, secondary and early childhood education professionals.

Visit the Bastow website to browse the range of professional learning available. Current opportunities include:

Leading Curriculum and Assessment

Learn how to positively impact student outcomes through effective leadership of curriculum planning, implementation and assessment across your school. This course will develop your skills to successfully evaluate the impact of teaching practice, monitor student learning progress and identify professional learning needs.

Starts 18 February 2020 (online and in the regions)
Registrations close 3 February 2020
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Leading Literacy

Discover how to create and sustain the organisational conditions that enable exemplary literacy practice in primary and secondary school settings. Leading Literacy will equip you with the tools and skills to lead improved literacy outcomes and influence change across your school.

Starts from 10 February 2020 (multiple regional intakes)
Registrations close 6 December 2019
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Leading Mathematics

Build your team’s capability in specific areas of content and pedagogical knowledge to improve mathematics learning and achievement for all students at your school. Leading Mathematics is designed and differentiated for both primary and secondary contexts.

Starts from 11 February 2020 (multiple regional intakes)
Registrations close from 4 February 2020
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Literacy Data, Assessment and Practice (Primary and Secondary)

Understand what is needed to promote and maintain a whole-school literacy culture through data. This online course explores the literacy data, assessment and practice that continuously inform instruction to improve literacy outcomes for students.

Starts from 4 March 2020 (multiple online intakes)
Registrations close from 10 February 2020
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Numeracy Needs Analysis Tool

Use the Numeracy Needs Analysis Tool to help determine your strengths as a numeracy leader and co-design your professional learning opportunities at Bastow in 2020. This online questionnaire allows you to better understand your own teaching practices and reflect on your own professional learning journey.

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School Procurement

Understand procurement policies, process and risks in the school environment. Through presentations, discussions, case studies and group activities, you will develop the skills and knowledge to manage your school’s purchasing activities more effectively.

Starts from 11 March 2020 (multiple regional intakes and online)
Registrations close from 4 March 2020
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Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment

The Victorian Aspiring Principal Assessment (VAPA) supports aspiring principals at all levels of the education system to prepare for their desired career. Evaluate your readiness for the principal role, create an evidence base of your past performance, and identify your professional development needs.

Available on demand (online and in the regions)
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