New Rural Education Leadership Program

by | Sep 17, 2017 | Bush Voices

The Country Education Partnership is pleased to be working with Catholic Education Sandhurst to provide the inaugural Pipeline Leadership program for rural and regional education leaders during 2018.

“Succession planning and leadership ought to be two sides of the same coin. So, why do many organisations manage them as if they had nothing to do with each other”.

The establishment of the “Rural and Regional Education Leadership – A Pipeline Approach” has resulted from a number of years of exploration by the Country Education Partnership to develop a specific education leadership program that links the building of quality education leadership with an ongoing, and sustainable approach to education leadership succession – something that has been identified as a real challenge in rural and regional education communities across the country.

The education leadership program has been based on the successful Principal Pipeline approach initiated by the Wallace Foundation in partnership with education sectors across the US.

CEP is working in partnership with the leadership team at Catholic Education Sandhurst, along with schools throughout the Sandhurst Diocese, to facilitate the first of these programs during 2018 as part of their overall Leadership Framework.

The program covers a range of key learning areas including:

  • shaping a vision of academic success for all students, one based on high standards and expectations;
  • creating a climate hospitable to high quality learning;
  • cultivating leadership in others;
  • improving teaching and learning to enable teachers to provide learning to their best and students to learn to their utmost;
  • managing people, data, and processes to foster a culture of improvement;
  • education leadership within a rural and regional community.

It involves teams of education leaders (either from individual school settings, or clusters of education settings) across various education leadership levels participating in:

  • face to face workshop facilitated by highly experienced and inspirational education leaders
  • coaching and mentoring
  • visits to education settings
  • masterclasses involving international renowned educators.

The program will be facilitated by a range of high quality and experienced education leadership facilitators who have a breadth of experiences in developing and providing education leadership programs across many states of Australia.

The program will also link with a number of internationally recognised education leaders.

For more information about the Pipeline Leadership program click on:

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