Rural Inspire

“Rural Inspire” aims to inspire rural young people and raise the achievements and aspirations of students in Victorian rural and remote schools, develop their motivation and increase their ability to choose and achieve positive career, life and learning goals.


The establishment of Rural Inspire was developed in recognition that:

  • rural students do not always have the breadth of information and opportunity to fully develop their aspirations – often due to the small size of schools and communities where students have difficulty in accessing the full range of opportunities and role models that provide them with experiences they would like to have. This can be a similar challenge for teachers in rural/remote schools where access to peer support, mentors/coaches, and new ideas may be constrained.
  • despite the challenges that rural young people face, the Rural Youth Ambassadors acknowledge that rural communities produce some of Victoria’s, and Australia’s, best leaders, and that their communities are often more innovative compared to their regional and metropolitan counterparts in finding solutions to their challenges.

Richard Dickinson

A concept developed by the 2014 Rural Youth Ambassadors as a key initiative to link the two areas outlined above under a state-wide approach to inspire rural/remote young people in realizing their dreams and broadening their aspirations, Rural Inspire facilitates a number of initiatives including:

  • the reconnection of people who grew up in rural communities back to their rural community to inspire young people within these communities through guest presentation, workshops, mentoring, work experience opportunities and possibly employment opportunities;
  • the development of  a secure online “chat facility”, detailing the support that “ex rural people” would be prepared to offer these young people and their communities, provide a range of potential opportunities that are available for rural young people, etc.Rural Inspire logo
  • providing stories of people who grew up in rural and remote communities sharing their experiences and journey in attaining their studies or career pathway;
  • the facilitation of workshops and forums for upper primary and junior secondary students within rural and remote communities to support them in realising their dreams and aspirations;
  • Establishing a secure forum for teachers within rural and remote education communities to link with other teachers, and business people, in metropolitan and regional locations to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Rural Inspire Overview

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