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The development, facilitation and provision of innovative programs and services aimed at enhancing and improving learning provision within rural learning communities has always been at the heart of the work Country Education Partnership.

The Country Education Partnership supports rural learning communities in the development and provision of learning across three key areas:

  • Locally Determined Collaborative Approaches;

Since its inception, CEP has promoted and supported rural communities working collaboratively to enhance and improve learning opportunities and outcomes for rural children and young people.

This work continues through the support of Rural Learning Alliances – a locally determined collaborative approach that brings education organisations (early years services, schools and further education) together to explore ways in which they can provide high quality learning for their children and young people in partnership with their communities.

For more details on the Rural Learning Alliance click on:  Rural Learning Alliances

  • Supporting Specific Education Initiatives

In partnership with rural and remote education communities, CEP has provided valuable support in the development and provision of creative and innovative learning programs aimed at enhancing the provision of learning within them.

In the past these initiatives have included:


  • Facilitating Partnerships with Key Stakeholder Groups
  • racvEnergy Breakthrough

The Energy Breakthrough was an initiative developed by CEP in 1991 as a way to provide students with an authentic learning opportunity that focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, as well as Environmental Education, and a wide range of other curriculum areas.

The event is one of the most successful education partnership programs with CEP forming a strong collaboration with the Central Goldfields Shire Council.

He has involved huge numbers of students and is recognised as one of the best ‘hands on’ education event going around.

Find more information on the Energy Breakthrough program.




Whilst many of these initiatives over time have seemed ‘fun’ and a bit of a novel way of teaching and learning, they have always been developed with the need to provide opportunity for improved student outcomes with rich methodology. There are many students and teachers from across Victoria over the past three decades that would be able to recount initiatives which have enabled them to think, act and operate differently in such learning projects that were co-constructed with CEP.

racvCurrently, CEP are engaged in three main learning initiatives;