The Power of Imperfect Leadership

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Bush Voices

Country Education Partnership has partnered with leading education experts Steve Munby and Marie-Claire Bretherton for a not-to-be-missed professional development opportunity.

Register now and explore the power of imperfect leadership for you, your team, your students and your school through a series of three webinars led by Marie-Claire Bretherton and Steve Munby.

Too often we hear talks or read books about perfect leaders; super-hero leaders who are hugely successful and are exceptionally good at what they do.  It is supposed to inspire us, but it actually has the reverse effect.  The concept that we need to be good at all aspects of leadership is not only unrealistic, it is bad for the mental and physical well-being of leaders. The more we seek to become the perfect leader, the more likely we are to make ourselves ill and to disempower those around us.

Marie-Claire and Steve Munby’s new book – due in March 2022 –takes the principles of imperfect leadership and applies them to the real challenges facing school leaders. In this webinar series they will explore three aspects of imperfect leadership in depth.

Webinar 1. Imperfect Leadership Part One. Managing ego.

Being a leader with a healthy ego is important. By ego we mean someone who has a good level of self-esteem and understands the significance of the role they have as a leader. As leaders we can sometimes have an unhealthy ego either because our ego is too small or
because it is too big. This webinar will look at self-efficacy and how we can lead with a good combination of confidence and humility. It will consider how acknowledging mistakes can support our credibility as leaders and also explore how we might manage situations when
members of our team make mistakes.

Webinar 2. Imperfect Leadership Part Two. Making Public Promises.

Around the world  we are used to hearing politicians announce their election promises or campaign promises.
Despite these public promises, political trust is low and distrust is growing. Leading in education is a different arena, but the link between making public promises and trust is important. Imperfect leaders learn how and when to make public promises, and they understand the purpose of making a public promise. This webinar will explore how making public promises is one way to help us to ‘stay true’ as leaders, and how it can help us to develop relational accountability. It will also consider how making public promises to each other can help schools or networks of schools to develop a sense of collective responsibility.

Webinar 3. Imperfect Leadership Part Three. Power and Love
Imperfect leaders make use of their strengths, but they also know their weaknesses. They understand that everybody else is likely to be imperfect too. They therefore show power in their leadership, but they also show love. If we want to make change happen, then we need to lead with power, pace, determination and absolute resolution but imperfect leaders also understand that our staff need to know that we see them, that we value their work, that their voice is listened to and that they are playing an important part in the success of the organisation. Using practical examples and opportunities for reflection, this webinar will explore how we can integrate both power and love in our leadership.

Each session will include some input, some questions for discussion and a choice of activities to try out between each session to improve your own leadership or the leadership of your team. 

Proposed dates:

Monday 11th , Monday 18th and Wednesday 27th October 2021. 


The Webinars will be provided from 4.00pm until 5.30pm (AEST) on each of the dates through the Zoom platform.  Link details will be provided once you register.


$ 120 per school for all three webinars (CEP Financial Members)
$ 150 per school for all three webinars (CEP Non Financial Members)
$ 70 per individual for all three webinars (CEP Financial Members)
$ 100 per individual for all three webinars (CEP Non Financial Members)
If you are interested in individual webinars, we can provide you with a price.


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About Marie-Claire Bretherton
Marie-Claire is the Director of School Improvement for Anthem, a Cluster of 16 Primary and Secondary schools in England who together are working to create ambitious and successful schools. She is also a National Leader of Education, and the founder and leader of the Kyra Alliance – a community for teaching, leadership and school improvement partnerships in Lincolnshire serving a group of 70 rural schools.
Having trained as a primary school teacher and then as a headteacher she led three very different schools in Lincolnshire to secure improved outcomes for children and young people, including in the most challenging of circumstances. Along with her colleagues within Anthem and Kyra, she is driven to ensure that every school, and every member of staff, is ambitious for children. Marie-Claire’s is passionate about working across organisations and partnerships to harness the collective expertise and professionalism of the whole education community in order that all our children and young people grow to be well-rounded, well-educated citizens with a passion for learning and with the skills to succeed.

About Steve Munby
Steve Munby is a self-employed consultant and speaker on leadership and on system reform. Based in the UK, he works with governments and with groups of schools around the word. He has spent his whole career in education, commencing as a secondary school teacher in Birmingham, England and later becoming Director of Education for Knowsley Local Education Authority in Merseyside. Steve was Chief Executive of the National College for School Leadership in England for eight years and then Chief Executive of Education Development Trust, an international education charity working in Asia, India, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Steve is also the facilitator for the ARC summits (education systems from around the world committed to equity, excellence, well-being and social justice). He is Visiting Professor at University College London, Centre for Educational Leadership, Honorary Visiting Professor at Liverpool Hope University and Chair of the Teaching Awards
Trust. He has written several articles and think-pieces.  His book “Imperfect Leadership – A book for leaders who know they don’t know it all” was published by Crown House in July 2019.