Latest Professional Development Opportunities

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Bush Voices


Professional Development opportunities abound in 2017.

CEP have developed a strong and diverse array of professional learning activities and have formed strategic partnerships to enhance what is available for rural educators and leaders.

The following provides a brief outline of such professional development opportunities:

Sir John Jones 1 IMG_1907 IMG_1260Maggie Rural Ed Conference 2016

CEP Professional Development Opportunities:

The Country Education Partnership has developed a range of professional development opportunities and they include:

Bastow Institute Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership:

Country Education Partnership has developed a partnership with Bastow Leadership Institute to support them in ensuring that the programs, forums and opportunities that are provided through them are accessible to rural and remote communities.

“Bastow in the Bush”

As part of this partnership CEP has forged partnerships with two rural education setting that will provide a “base” for the delivery of a number of Bastow Institute programs throughout 2017.

Bastow 1They are located in the following locations and will offer a small number of programs during 2017:

Swan Hill (Swan Hill Specialist School)

  • Coaching for Leadership Teams
  • Create – Middle Leaders program.


  • Bastow Changemakers- registration close, 26th March

Warrnambool (Brauer College)

  • Bastow Changemakers- registrations close, 26th March
  • Coaching for Leadership Teams
  • Leading Communities

CEP will be working with the staff from Bastow to establish further “Bastow in the Bush” sites throughout 2017.

TONY-FOWLER-OTLCBastow Professional Development Programs:

Bastow Leadership Institute has a number of professional development programs available to rural and remote education communities at present.

To access the variety of programs available, please click on the link: Bastow PD Programs – Now Available