Kinnections – An easy to use early intervention platform for the Education Sector focusing on wellbeing of students.

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Bush Voices, News

As featured in CEP’s Autumn Series Session One, Kinnections is an easy to use wellbeing platform designed specifically for educators working with children in early childhood centres, preschools and primary schools.

It simplifies the process of having regular wellbeing check-ins with children built around key evidence based indicators on connectedness, hope and safety.

Kinnections also streamlines the documentation and reporting of the weekly check-ins, providing real time insights to easily identify children who may be at risk.

By using Kinnections, educators are supported to have purposeful conversations with children that are quick, easy and consistent. The weekly check-in questions have been designed for children as young as three, and are based on current mental health and wellbeing research, enabling better outcomes.

Our goal is for every child to feel connected, protected and respected through early identification and engagement, preventing the long-term impacts associated with poor wellbeing.

Kinnections was created by educators, for educators with the recognition that due to their age, children who experience a decline in their wellbeing can fly under the radar for years. Adverse outcomes can be prevented if changes in a child’s wellbeing are identified earlier.

To find out more about Kinnections contact us or visit our website