Gobal Dialogue II – A Great Success

Just over a week ago, Country Education Partnership, in partnership with Education Development Trust, UK; Michael Fullan Enterprises, Canada; and Education Council, New Zealand was involved in facilitating the second Global Dialogue to explore the role collaborative practice can provide in improving student learning outcomes.

There were approximately 700 registrations for the event linking educators across multiple countries at various times.

Tony McKayMichael FullanSteve MunbyViviane Robinson






People came together for breakfast, others came together for an evening snack and get together, to participate within this engaging second dialogue.

We were pleased to have Steve Munby, Michael Fullan, Vivianne Robinson, along with four case studies from each of the partner countries (New Zealand, Canada, UK and Australia). Each provided input, shared their experiences, and explored some of their thinking in relation to the impact that collaborative practices have on student learning outcomes as well as improving teaching and learning capacity.

Dialogue II built on the themes explored in Dialogue and provided people with the opportunity to hear how a number of learning communities had embraced collaboration in enhancing education provision.

If you missed the opportunity to participate within Global Dialogue II, click on the following link to go to the CEP Landing page for the Global Dialogue:  Global Dialogue: Collaboration and School Improvement  – there you will find a full recording of the two hour Dialogue and a variety of other resources that have been developed as a result of the Global Dialogues.