Energy Breakthrough wins State Tourism Award

_DSC0185The RACV Energy Breakthrough, held annually in Maryborough on the fourth weekend of November,  has been announced as the winner of 2013 RACV Victorian Tourism Award for Festivals and Events.

The announcement was made at a gala ceremony at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Monday, November 11, 2013.

Energy Breakthrough, is without doubt, one of the most exciting and important events in the Victorian Education calendar and a quality example of a partnership between education, the business sector and local communities.  Developed by the Country Education Project in 1991, the Breakthrough offers male and female students, in both city and country schools, exciting real world challenges in science, technology and environmental education, with a particular focus on transport.

_DSC0028CEP works closely with the other two key partners (RACV and Central Goldfields Shire) in overseeing the program, with a growing number of other businesses and organisations providing valuable sponsorship and support who have all contributed to the growth and development of the event over the years.

Energy Breakthroughs key objective is to design and construct a vehicle, a machine or an innovation in technology; encourage a team effort; and provide rich material for an integrated curriculum approach.

It can also bring community and school together, and provides great opportunities for students, teachers, parents, local industry and other groups to work together with the focus on learning.

While having fun and achieving goals, students examine and use the latest technology to explore how we can reduce impact on the environment by changing the way we live and get around. As teachers have told us .

innov-watersmAs teachers have told us .

“It’s more than an event, it’s a new way of learning”

It adds new dimensions to curriculum planning for thousands of teachers and an exciting and engaging learning for students from Prep to Year 12, through a ‘hands on’ learning experience that is undertaken throughout the year.

As a result of the dedication of the three partner organisations, along with the events valuable sponsors and supporters, EB has grown significantly over the 21 years of operation and as a result a number of other events have been developed across Victoria and interstate accommodation this growth in demand. Casey, Wonthaggi, Maroondah and Maryborough in Queensland, all host events based on the Energy Breakthrough model.

HPV-RaceFinish12_640The award is a wonderful recognition of the many benefits the Energy Breakthrough delivers to Maryborough each year, in partnership with the local community.

For the record, the Energy Breakthrough attracted over 21,000 visitors to the 2012 event;  involved in excess of 6,000 school students, and countless parents, teachers and supporters; accounts for more than 19% of the annual tourism visits to the region, and is the most important feature on the Central Goldfields tourism calendar injecting over $4.4 million into the local economy and becoming the major catalyst for event-based tourism in the area.

The RACV Energy Breakthrough will now progress to the Australian Tourism Awards which will be held in Sydney in February next year.