Energy Breakthrough Robotics Goes Global!

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Bush Voices

The 2024 Energy Breakthrough has signed an agreement with Sphero Global Challenge to join the International event this year. Teams will have the opportunity to compete not only at Maryborough in November, but the winners can elect to go onto the World Championships in Texas. Teams can travel to the finals but more likely compete virtually.

The Sphero Global Challenge is the ultimate STEM competition and an opportunity for students to go deeper with computational thinking, engineering, and programming skills. Students will compete in groups of 5. Teams of all abilities are encouraged to work together to identify problems and develop solutions centered around the year’s theme. Through this challenge, students will work to accomplish their goals in Regional and State Final competitions and ultimately a World Championship.

Registration Information

What does it involve?


  • Teams will require 2 Sphero Bolt robots
  • Teams will consist of 5 members, at least 2 must be females
  • Teams will be supported by Monthly online tutorials.

Schools and Teachers

  • The challenge can be done with class groups or Coding clubs etc.
  • Teachers don’t have to be “Coding Gurus”
  • Different requirements for Primary and Secondary teams
  • Lots of support for teachers
  • Free Professional Development programs will be conducted around the state in June and July (Contact Rob if you are interested in hosting one of these events, 60 – 90 mins after school).