Energy Breakthrough: Pushcarts Round-Up

Teams of primary pupils from across Victoria have been busily fundraising, exercising and creating their pushcarts in readiness for the 2018 Energy Breakthrough, to be held in Maryborough next month. Here’s a brief snapshot from a handful of schools, discussing their preparation, cart design and what they’re aiming to achieve.

Avoca Primary School

What have the students been up to?

The Avoca PS students have been training for over nine weeks using past pushcarts for obstacles, with additional sprint training at the Avoca Public park.

Tell us about the design and construction of your Pushcart …

We are currently working with two local engineers on an advanced steering system which is very different to other years. We are hopeful this will give us a winning edge.

What will success look like?

We are aiming to see students engaged in all aspects of the Energy Breakthrough experience. For us, it is important to finish the event with fantastic team work and leadership skills.

– Jacinta D, Team Manager


Great Western Primary School

What have the students been up to?

Great Western PS students have written letters seeking sponsorship from local businesses, researched the purpose of the Energy Breakthrough and looked at similarities between the Pushcart challenge and other sports, particularly Le Tour de France!

In preparation for the event, students have been participating in Bike Ed lessons (sometimes riding 10km through the local bush), as well as practising for the different breakthrough events around the school grounds. This year some of our sponsors are even building a pushcart track around the school oval!

Tell us about the design and construction of your Pushcart …

Students have been involved in the building of the pushcart this year. They have measured and cut the steel for the frame and are preparing the paint. The pushcart is made of mostly recycled materials, including off-cuts of steel from a local business.

What will success look like?

The students are hoping to achieve similar, or better, results to last year in each of the events.

~ Kerri-Ann, Team Manager

St Joseph’s Rochester

Tell us about the design and construction of your Pushcart …

Well, our cart has had a long ride, a lot of sweat and laughter and this cart has a unique feature, which is our secret weapon: our spinner!!! The spinner is a small wheel made from an old shopping trolley. We only use the spinner in sprints.

What have the students been up to?

We have been training every Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime in preparation for this great experience! Our team name is Rochy Remembers: 1918 to 2018, commemorating 100 years since the end of World War One.

We have also been busy preparing a tribute for our main mechanic, Ronnie Williams. Ronnie is more than 80 years old and is considered an icon of the town.
This is our tribute, as written by Charlie Langdon (student):

Ronnie Williams was a jet and a big idol to us.

He came every week, teaching us kart racing, which was a plus.

He made shy people talk!

For a bit, he lost the ability to walk.

He got a wheelchair instead and even had a race.

He kinda ended up on his face.

It was pretty funny and they all had a blast.

When taught by him, the cart went fast!

Most our comps we won.

The most important thing, we had fun!

Everyone enjoys Energy Breakthrough.

Especially with the year 6 crew.

This year should be amazing!

He really deserves this praising.

This year we knew,

The fun we have will be because of you!