Curriculum Resources

Curriculum resources from CEP and external organisations that can help rural schools in their planning of a range of domains.

Learn with the National Zoo and Aquarium

CEP has partnered with the National Zoo and Aquarium do deliver a range of curriculum-aligned learning experiences for Primary School students.

The National Zoo Keeper Talk Video Series – accompanied by Kahoot online quizzes and cross-curricular educational tasks

    Email to register your interest.


    CEP’s eKids Extension Activities include a wide range of learning tasks to engage students to explore their own learning, from optical illusions to brain teasers, STEM challenges to Kahoot online quizzes. Email us at to find out more.

    Virtual Science

    Every week in Term 4, 2021 the Discovery Science and Techonology Centre team will run live online workshops where students engage, interact, and do the experiments along with our science communicator. These hands-on, interactive sessions make use of everyday materials, and if your school gets in early, Discovery will ship the necessary materials to you for free!

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    Foundation – Grade 2

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    Thursday – Book Now

    Grade 3-6

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    Brain and Body Challenge

    The Balls & Ladders Program combines the understandings of exercise physiology and neuroplasticity. The program focusses on challenging the body physically and the brain mentally in unison. The core aims are:

    • To promote increased body functionality in students through individual, skill based, motor coordination activities.
    • To promote increased oral language and cognitive processing through targeted programs that connect body and brain.

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