Programs and Services

Mallee Track SLV Project #1The Country Education Partnerships’ work encompasses  a number of key areas of focus.

These key areas include:

Advocacy and Representation

Building strong partnerships with rural and remote communities, CEP has a strong understanding of the challenges, opportunities and great learning initiatives that are occurring.

On the basis of this, CEP provides a strong representation and advocacy role on behalf of rural and remote learning communities.

Rural Learning Community Support

Providing direct support to rural and remote learning communities that are aimed at developing creative and innovative learning initiatives that foster a collaborative, whole of community approach to learning, and aims to enhance and improve student learning opportunities and outcomes.

IMG_3795Rural Cluster and University Partnerships

Facilitating a range of partnerships between rural and remote clusters and teacher education universities to support teams of pre- service teachers being involved in gaining and understanding of teaching within a rural or remote learning community.

Great Rural Learning Projects

CEP has put together a number of case studies which details a number of outstanding learning initiatives occurring within rural and remote communities.

Rural Student Voice

CEP facilitates the operation of the Rural Youth Ambassadors, an exciting initiative providing rural and remote young people to contribute to the education discussions.

P1000584Professional Learning and Support

Providing programs and services direct to education leaders, educators and community members of rural and remote learning communities to assist in their professional learning and builds their capacity to provide high quality learning for their communities. These  include:

  • professional development activities, programs, forums, conferences and overseas tours
  • development of partnership programs to enhance and improve learning provision for rural and remote communities
  • provision of a consultancy team that can provide high quality support for rural and remote learning communities.