Creative Rural Partnerships

The Country Education Partnership has been working with numerous rural and remote communities to establish partnerships between schools, supporting them in developing effective, place-based, whole-of-community approaches to their education.

These creative partnerships allows schools and communities to share resources and information, helping each other to deliver a high quality education to their rural and remote students. Below is an outline of some of these rural communities who have developed collaborative approaches to education.


A community that involved four schools (two catholic and two government) who have worked together across a range of education programs and staff development initiatives.

Nathalia Case Study


Located within the most remote locations of Victoria, the Mallee Education Cluster is a group of schools who are working together to provide a range of students programs and staff support programs.

Mallee Case Study

Far East Gippsland

A group of schools in the far east corner of Victoria – working collegiately in sharing resources and expertise to benefit the students regardless of their location.

Far East Gippsland Case Study

Sale Rural Schools

A group of nine small schools located within the Wellington Shire in East Gippsland. These schools have developed a range of joint student programs, developed online learning programs for students, shared staff across the clusters and developed strong professional learning communities for their staff.


Situated with the Pyrenees region of Victoria, these six small schools work together to provide a range of collaborative programs which ensure their students don’t miss out on opportunities due to their small size. Joint students programs in sciences, music, the arts, along with the sharing of staff across the schools and the involvement in cluster professional development, all allow for this partnerships to provide a quality learning for their community.


These schools, catholic and government schools, jointly work tp provide professional development of their staff, the provision of a joint post-compulsory program, and a strong partnership with the early years providers.

Myrtleford Case Study