Country Education Partnership Celebrates 40 Years

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Bush Voices

Forty years ago the Country Education Partnership was established to support rural and remote communities across rural Victoria, and since that time has continued to provide a strong voice on rural and remote education as well as support rural and remote communities in having access to a high quality education.

It has also supported a number of rural and remote communities in other states of Australia in recent times.

Initiated as a cross sectoral initiative under the Country Areas Program by the Commonwealth Government in 1977, this year sees it celebrate its 40th year and to ensure that we recognise the multitude of people who have been involved in its work over this time, a celebration evening will be held on:

Friday, 25th August

Treacey Centre, The Avenue, Parkville

beginning at 5.30pm

The evening celebrations will include a buffet meal and lots of stories as people mingle to commemorate four decades of working within, and in partnership with, rural education communities. There will be people who were involved in the establishment of the organisation attending and sharing the original vision of CEP forty years, celebrate the current great learning that is occurring within our rural and remote communities, and consider the exciting role that it can play into the future from some of our rural and remote young people.

If you are interested in attending, please forward an Expression of Interest to the email address:

Formal invitations will be sent out in the very near future.

Rural Learning Summit

Prior to the Celebration, the Country Education Partnership is pleased to be hosting the annual Rural Learning Summit to be held on Friday, 25th August.

Country Education Partnership is also pleased to announce that the Minister for Education, The Hon James Merlino, will open the Rural Learning Summit and announce the winner of this years Rural Education Award.

The theme for the 2017 Rural Learning Summit is

“Building Meaningful Partnerships”.

  • Celebrating the achievements of rural and remote education communities and what we have learnt from the past 40 years;
  • Engagement in an analysis of the current provision of education within rural and remote education, and how we are catering for the children and young people within them;
  • Projecting into the future as to what the learning needs and desires of rural and remote education might be, and how Country Education Partnership can best use it’s resources in the coming years to encourage even greater learning opportunities and education outcomes for the children and young people of our rural communities.

Within these three sub themes the Learning Summit will explore a number of specific questions:

  • Do we have a leadership structure that ensures partnerships are integral to rural education providers mission, structures and operations?
  • Do rural education communities integrate partnerships into planning, evaluation measures, student well-being and student opportunities, outcomes and performance?
  • Do we prepare rural teaching staff and principals to be partnership ready?
  • Are rural communities helped to meet the learning needs of their communities with a range of partnership approaches that include the design, implementation and evaluation of education programs?
  • Are we supporting partnerships in high-risk low-performing educational communities and student cohorts, including the communication of positive models.
  • Do we provide easy access to educational information, research and services for rural communities and navigation assistance?
  • Do we help rural and remote communities to understand and appreciate the value of partnerships in improving learning opportunities for young people, and improve school and individual well-being and performance?

Date:   Friday, 25th August

Venue:    Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville (Melbourne)

Times:    9:00am – 4:00pm

The Rural Learning Summit will bring together leaders representative of rural and remote education communities, education sectors, philanthropy, rural and remote communities, local government, rural young people and key stakeholder groups to explore in depth the key themes:

For more information on the Summit, please email Country Education Partnership at