CEP’s Rural Inspire launches two new initiatives

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Bush Voices, News

Country Education Partnership’s Rural Inspire has launched two new initiatives to support rural young Australians in their transition from school to the next stage of their life.

These exciting youth-led projects provide rural young people with access to information and support about pathways and careers available to them, especially in a time when access to information through Open Days and the like during the pandemic restrictions has been difficult to access. Centred on linking people who grew up in a rural community and who are involved in a range of careers and after school experiences to current rural young people, these new initiatives will provide a valuable information and support network aimed at inspiring them to chase their dreams as well as support them in their journey after finishing school. 

Journey Mates 

Journey Mates is an exciting peer-led initiative that gives rural young people access to another young person who grew up in a rural community that has already started their life after school. 

It provides rural young people the opportunity to seek advice, ask questions and gain an insight into life after school from another rural young person and someone who understands the unique challenges faced by students finishing schooling in country Australia. Journey Mates  has an extensive network of young people from all over the nation who are studying, working, starting apprenticeships, volunteering, taking a gap year, in the defence force and travelling who are ready to provide other rural young people with information, support and answers.

As one rural young person reflected:

“This Journey Mate experience allowed me to connect with someone who has similar interests and comes from a similar rural background, which I am very grateful for. I am looking forward to continuing this connection and I feel more confident knowing I have someone I can go to for help with admission into the course.”

For information on Journey Mates, and to register to link to a rural young person undertaking a journey similar to you, please click on: 


Find Your Future

Find your Future provides rural and remote students inside knowledge into what life can be like after school – whether that be information, asking questions, or just hearing from other rural young people who have done some amazing stuff after finishing school.  

It also provides a great opportunity for schools and clusters of schools to work with Rural Inspire to provide information through workshops or seminars in a face-to-face or online environment. 

Find your Future comprises three key elements, all involving young people and others who have grown up in a rural or remote community and have a wide range of experiences of their life after finishing school. .

  1. Rural Careers Series

Over a number of  weeks during Term 3 and Term 4 on Monday and Thursdays, Rural Youth Ambassadors are releasing a series of interviews showcasing an informative variety of careers and pathways that rural people have taken since finishing school. They have interviewed a number of industry people, who grew up in a rural community, unpacking their experiences and challenges they faced to reach their career goals. 

From health care workers, engineers and even politicians, the series promotes future career options for young people and is available on the Rural Inspire website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages for young people to access.

The series will conclude with an interactive online forum held online during Term 4, where these industry people will return to give further insight into their pathways and share their experiences of how they went about getting to their current role.. 

The Find Your Future: Rural Careers Series will help rural young people gain valuable insights into the lives of professionals, and the pathways that they have taken after school.

Stay tuned for more Find Your Future resources coming in Term 4. 

  1. Life Skills

With many rural and remote students needing to leave home to achieve their dream,  – whether that be to attend university or TAFE, gain employment, join the Defence Forces, or take a GAP year. On this journey, there are many things that they need to consider such as accommodation, finances, support and meeting new people.

Find your Future is working with a number of young people who have successfully made it through this often challenging time and are prepared to share their knowledge and experiences to assist other rural and remote young people who are about to enter this journey.

Rural Youth Ambassadors have interviewed a number of these rural young people and have gained some valuable information that they will share with rural and remote young people in the near future..  – they have insider knowledge about how to transition from a rural community as a young person. Think tips for finance, accommodation, food and much more

The Rural Youth Ambassadors will also be holding a number of online webinars where a number of young people who have already moved away from home will join and share their experiences and share a range of insider and extremely valuable information.  What is the best accommodation?, Where can I get scholarships?. How can I get a part time job?, etc will all be explored through these webinars.

  1. Workshops and Seminars 

Find your Future is available to work in partnership with rural and remote schools (or clusters of schools) to facilitate a workshop, seminar or webinar focused on giving skills and knowledge about transitioning from school to the next stage of their life.

Facilitated by young people who grew up in a rural or remote community, and are now involved in a range of exciting ventures, these face to face or online workshops or seminars will allow young people from the schools to inspire them to chase their dreams and give them the know-how as to chase these dreams.

Rural Inspire will work in partnership with rural and remote schools or clusters to ensure that the workshop or seminar is reflective of their individual needs.


How do I get Involved in these exciting new Initiatives?

Email:  admin@cep.org.au

Click on the Rural Inspire website:   www.ruralinspire.org.au/

To watch the Find Your Future Videos subscribe to Rural Inspire’s Youtube Channel, or follow Rural Inspire on Instagram and Facebook

Country Education Partnership established the Rural Inspire initiative in 2014 with the aim of raising the aspirations of rural youth. Since then it has been powered by CEP and an ever-growing team of passionate rural young people from across the country.