CEP Professional Development Opportunities for 2017

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Bush Voices

Ignite and engage

The Country Education Partnership is pleased to offer a number of high quality professional development opportunities for rural and remote education communities throughout 2017.

CEP has developed strong partnerships with a number of internationally recognized education leaders and presenters who will facilitate a range of high quality professional learning activities.

Maggie Farrar #1Enhancing Learning Opportunities through Clustering

CEP has been working closely with Maggie Farrar in developing a program that will operate throughout 2017 to support rural and remote education communities in establishing, or strengthening existing, locally determined clusters and partnerships as a key approach in enhancing and broadening learning opportunities for rural children and young people.

This program will be held within three rural locations across the state and comprise:

  • A one day forum facilitated by Maggie during May
  • Support provided by CEP through a coaching approach
  • A final one day forum facilitated by Maggie during August

This is a great opportunity for rural and remote education communities who are wanting to establish, or strengthen their cluster approaches and arrangements.

Maggie is highly regarded internationally in this area, and she has gained some great feedback from education leaders who have been involved in her previous work across Australia.

More information on the program can be gained by clicking on: Maggie Farrar 2017 Program Flier.pub

The number of clusters involved will determine the final cost for the program.

Sir John JonesSir John Jones Forums

Country Education Partnership is pleased to once again having Sir John Jones in Australia for two weeks during June.

He has been a big hit in previous visits, and we are anticipating that this will be the same this year.

Sir John will be in Victoria towards the end of Term II facilitating full days workshops in:

  • Wodonga
  • Mildura
  • Melbourne, and
  • Gippsland

Sir John will also be facilitating a number of forums across rural South Australia in partnership with the South Australia Area Schools Leadership Association.

For more information on Sir Johns forums, please click on: Sir John Jones 2017 (2)

IMG_1394Overseas Education Leaders Benchmark Tours

The Country Education Partnership is pleased to be offering two high quality Education Leadership Benchmark tours during 2017 for rural and remote educators – principals, assistant principals teaching and learning leaders.

Education leaders from any State or Territory are invited to join one of these highly regarded tours.

The two tours on offer this year include:

  • UK Education Tour
  • Canada and USA Education Tour

Both Benchmark Tours will operate over two weeks and will involve a range of activities including school visits, forums with education leaders and possible conferences.

For more information on these two tours click on: