CEP launches curriculum resources with partners

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Bush Voices

Country Education Partnership has launched a new curriculum resources page on its website dedicated to ready-to-go curriculum resources for country schools with a specific focus on STEM related learning.

CEP has been working with rural schools as well as organisations such as The National Zoo and The Discovery Centre in Bendigo to create a range of virtual resources and experiences suitable for a range of domains. The resources also include content for a range of year levels. 

CEP chief executive officer Phil Brown said the curriculum resources initiative had been developed in an effort to help schools in their transition back to classrooms after lengthy remote learning stints this year, as well as provide them exciting learning opportunities especially in curriculum areas of need such as STEM.

“We know teachers are experiencing high levels of stress and schools are being stretched by the ramifications of COVID lockdowns so we wanted to help ease the transition back to on site learning by making a singular location for educators to access free, curriculum aligned resources for their students,” Mr Brown said. 

“We were also keen to provide exciting learning opportunities for students through this difficult time by forging partnerships with organisations who can provide some great learning resources.”

CEP is continuing to gather more resources and the web page will be updated regularly. Visit www.cep.org.au/curriculum-resources to check out currently available resources. The current suite of resources includes:

  • National Zoo Keeper Talk Video Series – accompanied by Kahoot online quizzes and cross-curricular educational tasks
  • Balls and Ladders Physical Challenge Framework – a series of activities based on the understandings of exercise physiology and neuroplasticity, to get students working body and brain
  • Traditional eKids Extension Activities – a wide range of activities to engage students to explore their own learning, from optical illusions to brain teasers, STEM tasks to Kahoot online quizzes
  • Discovery Science and Technology Centre Bendigo – offering a number of virtual incursion programs throughout term 4

If your school or organisation is interested in sharing educational resources, please email admin@cep.org.au