CEP Consultancy Team

A new aspect to CEPs support and services, our consultancy team is comprised of individuals who have had distinguished careers within education and have a broad scope of expertise relevant to rural education settings.

The conception of the CEP Consultancy Team came from the many conversations had with rural education leaders that sought to utilise the networking power of CEP to ascertain specific consultative personnel for work needed in their own communities. Whether an ‘outside’ consultant is considered for the purposes of school review, drafting change management processes or an independent person to help guide a whole of community conversation on the future provision of education within a community, CEP has access to the expertise required to provide executive assistance.

Our consultancy team offers expertise and collaborative practice to rural educational communities in the following areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Review / performance
  • School governance
  • Collaborative practices
  • Blended Learning
  • Rural Learning
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Conference and seminar organisation
  • Facilitation of professional learning tours

For further information, please contact Mr. Phil Brown, 0428 171 145