Canberra: Day Two

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Bush Voices, News

Day Two of the National Forum has wrapped up overnight. The Rural Youth Ambassadors had a full day where they met with Ministers and senior people from the Department of Education to discuss their ideas and experiences.

The day began with a discussion group with a representative from the National Careers Institute. The ambassadors were asked for the perspectives and ideas about how best to communicate information and opportunities about post school pathways. They also introduced the rural inspire initiative to Robbie Beale from the National Careers Institute.

This was followed by a meeting with staff from the Regional University Centres initiative. The ambassadors gave their feedback, thoughts and ideas about the initiative overall.

After a lunch break the group returned to Parliament House to meet with Ministers.Naomi Gerrard and Ben Caughey attended the meeting. 

“We travelled to Parliament House to present our ideas to Education Minister the Hon Alan Tudge and The Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services the Hon Luke Howart,” they said.

“They were both very impressed with our presentation and we are optimistic they will take our ideas on board and want to work with us again.” 

Although supervised by CEP staff the Ambassador’s facilitated the meeting on their own.

Phil Brown, CEO of Country Education Partnership, attended the meeting with the Ambassadors. 

“It was great to see their ideas acknowledged and encouraged by the positive response expressed by the Ministers,” he said. 

“Day two was another awesome day of the forum, with many great opportunities throughout the day.”

Education State Forum

Prabh Sandhu and Sara Dally meeting with the Hon Alan Tudge and the Hon Luke Howart at Parliament House. Image: CEP

Rural Youth Ambassadors at Parliament House in Canberra. Image: CEP

CEP Education Forum

The Hon Alan Tudge and the Hon Luke Howart speaking with the Rural Youth Ambassadors at Parliament House. Image: CEP

Abbey Marshall and Ben Caughey with their local MP Susan Ley. 

CEP Education Forum

Harry Botero, Samantha Solina, Maddie Dodd and Olivia Rees at Parliament House. Image: CEP