Baillieu Myer Rural Education Leadership Scholarship 2011

The Country Education Project is pleased to invite nominations for the third Baillieu Myer Rural Education Leadership Scholarship for outstanding achievement and leadership within Victorian Rural Education.
Country Education Project Inc Patron (Mr. Baillieu Myer AC) has allocated this scholarship, valued at $10,000, in recognition of outstanding leadership within rural Victoria. Principals, teachers, school councilors and community members who are involved in supporting and enhancing education in rural Victoria are eligible to nominate.

The Scholarship promotes the reputation of Victorian Rural Schools and Clusters as centres of excellence. Winners will have the ability to influence teaching and learning approaches and to disseminate outcomes of their work to benefit our entire education system. The Scholarship acknowledges endeavours that build a collective knowledge and recognises innovation that will enhance rural education.

Given the significance, value and prestige of this Scholarship there is a rigorous selection process. The achievements of recipients will be celebrated at a state level, and in some cases at national and international level.

In 2011, the Rural Education Leadership Scholarship will be announced as part of the Country Education Project Inc Annual Meeting to be held on Friday, 18th March 2011.

The Scholarship Guidelines and application form are available on the Country Education Project website. Applications are due on Friday, 18th February 2011.

If you require further information on this fantastic award please contact Mr Phil Brown, Country Education Project on 0428171145 or email