An Afternoon with Dr Fraser

by | May 21, 2020 | Bush Voices

The Country Education Partnership is pleased to be working with The Flourish Movement, in facilitating a great opportunity for school staff to be involved in.

The workshop will be delivered through a webinar and is focused on:

“sustaining your well being and engagement during struggle and uncertainty”.

DATE: Tuesday, 16th June from 4.00pm until 5.30pm.

Check an introduction from Adam himself : Dr Adam Fraser Workshop

As schools transition back to face to face learning, the research we have been doing so far in 2020 has revealed that educators are likely to have trouble sustaining their performance and wellbeing for the remainder of the year. 

Normally educators use the Christmas period to refresh and reenergise themselves, to recoup from term 4, entering the new year with energy and enthusiasm.

However, this year due to the stress of the bush fires, followed swiftly by rain, dust storms, drought and floods, they did not get a restorative break and thus started the year in a tired and fragile state. If that wasn’t enough, they go straight into COVID-19 and have to solve the challenge of how to teach students remotely, literally overnight. As a result, they have had to work even more hours than usual, in a totally different medium (online learning). 

The biggest concern uncovered by Dr Fraser’s research is, how will educators sustain their performance over the rest of the year, once they are no longer being fuelled by adrenaline and urgency. 

In an initiative to support educators, we will be sharing evidence based, practical and tangible solutions that they can put in place to sustain their wellbeing, engagement and performance over the remainder of the year. This will be shared via a Live Virtual Staff Professional Development Event on 16th June 2020 at 4pm (AEST). It will be recorded if that time does not suit your team.

This event is for the entire school staff (teaching and non-teaching alike) and is priced based on school enrolments. Our aim is to bring this event to whole schools and to have the biggest positive impact we can for the people who do so much for our children, teens and local communities.

“I just want to take this opportunity to say THANKS for your positive advice today on the live stream for teachers. Last night I was filled with anxiety with the uncertainty of what school as we know it will be like. I have been struggling and feeling helpless in what my role is right now but you changed this. I have come back into my household this afternoon with an “I can do this “ attitude. Thanks for being so genuine and sharing your what you are going through. You should be proud of what you are sharing as you are really making a difference in these uncertain times. Take care.” Michelle (Teacher)