CEP wishes to continue to support rural and remote communities in establishing locally determined cluster partnerships within and between rural and remote communities that build on, and strengthen, current and past cluster and co-operative arrangements with a clear focus on enhancing and improving opportunities and outcomes for their children and young people.  

Such cluster partnerships are envisaged as a more robust form of partnership; promoting local self-improving education systems while retaining the uniqueness of each partner organization.

For clusters that are wishing to further strengthen their partnership, CEP has made the following resources available:


Cluster Framework and Support

Over a number of years of providing expertise in this area, CEP have developed a framework that acts as a resource for rural and remote education communities wishing to explore and establish their own cluster or partnership alliance.

For interested clusters, this is a comprehensive resource and can be accessed via the link: Supporting the Development of Effective Clusters or Partnerships a


Above: the Five Phases of Building Effective Clusters and Partnerships (as per “Supporting the Development of Effective Clusters or Partnerships”).

Rural Case Studies

Additionally, CEP have documented the case studies of four rural education clusters. Each cluster is unique in it’s aims and objectives but all adhere to the underlying principles and phases of building effective clusters. Read their story, using the links below:


Case Study 1 -Nathalia

Case Study 2 -St Arnaud

Case Study 3 – Karmai Alliance

Case Study 4 – Far East Gippsland