What we Do

Nowa Nowa #3Our Dream

Ensuring high quality learning opportunities for all rural and remote students through utilising rural and remote education communitie collaboratively and creatively.

What we Value

  • Collaboration

Collaboration that fosters inclusiveness, participation, sharing and a responsiveness to members

  • Leadership

A leadership that is proactive, professional and consultative

  • Achievement

A focus on development, challenge, excellence and celebration

resources-1Our Core Work

The core functions for operational focus be:

  1. Leadership, Advocacy and Communication
  • Advocating for the development and provision of high quality learning in rural communities;
  • Providing leadership in rural education, professional learning and research;
  • Developing strategic links with key organizations and representatives;
  • Leading the CEP statewide, nationally and internationally;
  • Promoting, advocating and communicating information and action about CEP and rural education.
  1. Learning Provision
  • Supporting the development and provision of high quality learning for rural communities;
  • Facilitating quality learning for all students in rural communities;
  • Supporting the provision of 0-18 years and beyond learning;
  • Supporting a “place based” whole of community approach to development and provision of learning;
  • Enhancing provision through forming partnerships involving education sectors, rural communities and key stakeholder groups that will fulfill the CEP missions;
  • Focus on developing innovative responses to rural education challenges and opportunities.
  1. High Quality Workforce
  • CEP tour 016Supporting the development of a high quality rural education workforce
  • Building the capacity of rural educators and education leaders;
  • Developing different solutions to existing and new challenges and opportunities;
  • Focus on developing innovative responses to rural education challenges and opportunities.

Our Key Communities

The key constituencies for the CEP work and focus are:

  • Learners in rural communities using the following general guidelines:
    • located at least 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne CBD
    • located at least 15 minutes drive from a population centre of more than 10,000.
    • Less than 5,000 population in their own right
    • Limited, or no, access to public services.
    • A government or non-government organization that provides learning within a rural community
    • Rural learning clusters and communities
    • State, National and International rural education organizations and communities

These operational areas will be developed through an operational and annual implementation plan. This plan will be the basis for the work of CEP and the projects it accepts. They will be reflected in the strategic plan.

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Who we Work With

CEP will develop and sustain several core relationships. These will be with:

  • CEP Members
  • Key education sectors
  • Government- Local, State and Federal
  • State, National and International contacts relevant to CEPs work

Priority Areas for 2017

CEP has identified a number of key focus areas for 2017 and these are detailed briefly by clicking on CEP Areas of Focus 2016