2017 CEP Rural Education Award Finalist: Euroa P.S

One of three finalists for the 2017 Rural Education Award, Euroa Primary School has been working in conjunction with local health providers to enhance the health and well-being of their students.

Euroa Primary School has developed a strong collaboration with the local health services and specialist medical services to provide services for their children and families that otherwise they may have to travel a distance to access.
These services are provided free to the school children and families and also include mental health support services – some being delivered through Skype technology.

This approach is now also being provided to other schools within the community, and also the wider community – catering for a real need that was otherwise not being addressed through the current regional and school based funds.
Already the staff at the school are seeing impacts with student well-being improving and they are hoping to see this result in enhanced education outcomes in the near future.

Going forward, Euroa Primary School will undertake research to identify the well-being needs of students and henceforth, expand the services currently available. Euroa Primary School are also keen to take the opportunity to visit other communities where similar approaches exist to learn from their experiences.

Congratulations Ross Davies and Euroa Primary School. We look forward to being able to provide an update on your work in the future.