With the number of P-12 Education Settings that exist across rural communities in Victoria, the Country Education Partnership has consistently worked to support Principals, Education Leaders and staff in areas of professional development and school-community growth.

P-12 Education Settings provide schools, teachers and students with a cohesive and cumulative approach to teaching, learning and assessment, establishing:

  • Better preparation for learning in the early years
  • Consistency, leading to strengthened learning in the middle years of schooling
  • Stability, building Year 10 as a transition to the senior phase of learning
  • Consolidation for senior students to achieve their very best at VCE level

In 2006, CEP co-ordinated a body of research,  examining and documenting the influence of P-12 learning structures on curriculum and student-learning outcomes, as well as the development of organisational and school-community partnerships.

A report from the research was released in February, 2007, from which CEP has worked in collaboration with schools to achieve broad goals for educational excellence and equity.

See report: P-12 Education Report

CEP has facilitated:

  • A Victorian P-12 Education Network
  • Provision development for teaching and learning leaders within P-12 Education Settings
  • Forums and workshops specifically targeting a breadth of topics and focus-areas unique to P-12 Education Settings

In 2018, and after a period of hiatus, CEP re-established the Victorian P-12 Education Network in conjunction with a number of education leaders working in P-12 schools.

The Network provides valuable means for education leaders and teaching staff to access forums, workshops and professional development opportunities.

Further information on activities and professional development opportunities specific to P-12 Education Settings can be found through our Rural Learning Hub.