Rural-Urban Partnerships

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The Rural Youth Ambassadors have gained resources from the Department of Education and Training to pilot a program known as the “Rural and Urban Partnership Program” which will be facilitated by the Country Education Partnership.

The overall aim of the program is to help further broaden the educational opportunities students and teachers have and provide exposure to both rural or metropolitan education communities, thus enhancing the education opportunities and outcomes of those young people involved.

King Valley partnershipIt is designed to give students and teachers the opportunity to experience, and be exposed to, both rural and metropolitan/major regional education lifestyles and cultures as well as provide a great way for students to have access to a broader range of learning experiences and programs facilitated through the partnership. The partnership will also provide the opportunity for teachers to form networks and relationships with other teachers across the partnership to share knowledge, skills and programs.

‘Rural and Urban Partnerships’ is initially designed to focus on Year 5-8 students and their teachers.

A small number of rural education communities will be supported to develop a partnership with a metropolitan/regional education community to begin in 2015/16 as part of the pilot project – so if your rural or remote school is interested to be involved in this exciting initiative get in contact with us.

It will be expected that these partnerships will provide students and teachers with a range of education opportunities and experiences, some of which could include:

  • Students will be placed in a classroom according to age level
  • Teachers will work together to provide an engaging education program for students
  • Collaborate with staff and be an active staff member of the school
  • Students will be provided with experiences in both the school and communities

vicsrc-congressThe partnership will allow access to each other’s schools, and their communities, with the specific details of the partnership being set within each partnership, with a clear focus on students and teachers visiting their partner schools as well as developing ongoing communication through the use of technology and the like. Each partnerships will have the freedom to determine what age level and teacher/s become involved. For example: a rural school may choose a selection of year 5 students and teachers who will partner with a metropolitan/major regional centre and visit them for a week or so, with the metropolitan/major regional school returning the visit on a similar basis. The schools may also develop links through technology to further enhance the partnership learning. It is hoped that the visit experiences will occur more then once within the partnership and continue throughout the year.

There will be a small amount of funding made available in providing support to each partnership throughout the experience.

If you think that your school would like to be involved in this new and exciting adventure fill out the following survey at, and  please don’t hesitate to contact the Country Education Partnership on 0428171145 or